Circulo Verde - LOCATION

Located at Calle Industria Street, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Accessible via EDSA, Ortigas Ave.

Katipunan Ave. E. Rodriguez Ave. (C-5) and Marcos Highway. Just a 5 to 10 minute drive to major business and commercial centers, schools, entertainment and sports facilities.

The location of the Circulo Verde property is really strategic so that you will have all the conveniences you need at your fingertips almost literally. The property can be found at no. 70 Calle Industria in Bagumbayan, Quezon City. The location can be accessed from the major metro thoroughfares such as Marcos Highway, EDSA, Katipunan Avenue, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue and Ortigas Avenue. The property is located within easy reach of a number of shopping malls such as Greenhills Shoping Center, Tiendesitas and Estancia. Industria is also close by which offers a number of conveniences to residents. At Industria you can find retail stores and restaurants right there within your community. Now that is the utmost convenience, imagine having everything you need right at home. This is great for those who have to work long days or who work 6 day weeks and don’t have much free time to get their errands run and to really have a life outside of work.

You will find the business districts of Ortigas Center and Eastwood City close by. This makes the homes a great place for those are working in these business districts or seeking a job there. If you are seeking a job or work in any of these areas you will find commute very easy, short and comfortable from your home at Circulo Verde. This makes the property a great place for young professionals just out of college starting their first job and just coming into city life. These individuals could find one of the studio or one bedroom apartments here to be the best option for them.

If you have a family with children then you will want to know about the school district here surrounding Circulo Verde. You will be happy to know that you can find a school for your children from toddlers to University aged children. If you are concerned about the proximity to schools you can rest those concerns now. You will be happy to know that the property is close to a number of schools. Schools you can find close by include UP Dillman, Banister Academy, Reedley International School, Entrepreneur School of Asia and Miriam College.

Having commercial centers close by is very important as life is much more than just going to work and going home. We understand that your home needs to be more than just a place to sleep or a place to have your meals. Your home needs to be conveniently located so that your life can flow at its most convenient pace while you keep up with all the facets of life that you need to keep up with. You want to be able to find all you need to live a convenient and comfortable life. Close by Commercial centers include Greenhills, Eastwood City, Cubao, SM Hypermart Pasig and Tiendesitas. For hospitals and health centers you can find the Medical City along with the Cardinal Santos Medical Center. So you can live in comfort knowing that if you every have an emergency with you or your family members you can find the care you need close by.

Business District

  • Eastwood City
  • Ortigas Center


  • Bannister Academy
  • Entrepreneur School of Asia
  • Reedley International School
  • Ateneo de Manila University
  • UP Diliman
  • Miriam College

Commercial Centers

  • Eastwood City
  • Tiendesitas
  • SM Hypermart Pasig
  • Greenhills
  • Cubao


  • The Medical City
  • Cardinal Santos Medical Center
Circulo Verde Location

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